Changes on Brontë Bus from Sunday 23 July


From Sunday 23 July, we're making a few changes to Brontë Bus.

Whilst our customers' travel patterns have changed over the past few years, most of our timetables haven't very changed much at all in the past five years. We want to create a network which is properly in tune with the needs of our town, so we're tweaking things slightly to reflect your needs.

On Mondays through to Fridays, the 0533 B2 from Keighley to Oakworth and the 0615 B3 from Keighley to Oxenhope weren't very well used, so these buses will no longer run. The first B2 from Oakworth will continue to run, but will depart a few minutes earlier. 

On Saturdays, the B1 at 0815 from Keighley to Stanbury will no longer be running. 

During the evenings, Brontë Bus B2 and B3 will now run hourly between Keighley and Haworth, and every 2 hours to Oxenhope and Oakworth. 

Don't forget, Brontë Bus has an upgrade recently. You'll now find bigger buses, more seats, free WiFi & USB power available as standard onboard Brontë Bus. 

New timetables for Brontë Bus are now available to download.

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